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After almost 25 years interviewing people for newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as researching documentaries for TV, I have discovered two things.

1. Everybody has a story! And everyone is interesting.

2. Most people get nervous/anxious/agitated/panicked/sweaty at the thought of being interviewed!


I LOVE to interview people about what they do, I LOVE to help them feel happy about the experience, and I especially love to interview people who have set up their own business.

Over the years, I have had the opportunity to talk to all kinds of amazing, fascinating, entertaining and wondrous people….

I can help you to figure out what your own unique story is, what makes you different and special and what parts of your story will appeal to what different publications/editors/researchers and for what different readers/listeners.malin

Together, we can practice your interview until you feel entirely comfortable, safe and natural.

Over the years I have interviewed more than a thousand people, and almost all of them have reported that they felt relieved, relaxed, encouraged, supported, happy and natural throughout the process….they said it was a breeze!


We can identify what you should be doing with your story, in order to get publicity for your business, who you should be approaching and how.

Over the years, I have got to know what all kinds of different editors and researchers are looking for.
AND SO! I am now offering my services as a Media Coach to anyone who wants HELP to
1. Extract and craft their own story in a way that will help them to get media attention/coverage and sell their business.
2. Get comfortable with the interview process by practicing with me.
3. Identify where they may be able to pitch their story….which publications/researchers might be interested in them.
Contact me by email to discuss how I might be able to help you!shane book

We can have a lot of fun, and you can get publicity for your business, what could be better?jilly2