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See A Speaking Supper!

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Watch Speaking Suppers TV

You may be afraid to come to a Speaking Supper.

A lot of people tell us they are terrified.

Partly because they have heard that really horrible people attend them.

But partly because they fear public speaking.

In our experience, the best way to overcome the fear of public speaking is to speak in public!

It may help to watch this little film.

The Speaking Supper Experience


Author: Victoria Mary Clarke - Angels

In my own life, one of the most inspiring, uplifting, reassuring and beneficial discoveries that I have made is that it is possible to communicate with what I like to call angels. Although I don't actually see them, I experience them as beings that are loving and supportive and helpful in all kinds of ways. I have had long conversations with them, over the years and they have helped me with all kinds of problems, ranging from money issues to what to do about boyfriends who don't call when they say they will! I have written a book about these conversations called 'Angel In Disguise'

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