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What happens in media coaching? How does it work?

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The way that I work with people is very much tailored to their individual needs.

Some people are too terrified255-8034 to even think about talking on radio/going on tv/being interviewed. 

Some people need help with the way that they speak…they may speak too fast, or be very high-pitched or monotonous, so we work on slowing down, adding dynamics, varying the pitch etc (you will know all about this from speech and drama?)

Some people are not too terrified, and speak well,  but they dont know exactly what to say, what to concentrate on, how to prepare anecdotes and stories that will sell their service.simon-cowell

While I work on all those different areas, for everyone we begin by going over their whole story….as though I were doing an in depth feature interview, beginning at the very beginning and talking about absolutely everything.  This helps the shy people to get used to talking and it helps me to identify which aspects of the story best serve the goal, as well as looking at ways that the person can feel good about telling it….the better that you feel, the more enthusiastic and clear you are the more people will connect with you.

The next step is to identify your potential customers and how to reach them.manumission_crowd    Who are they?  Where do they hang out?  What do they eat?  What do they wear?  What do they watch?  What do they read?  What do they talk about?


I can help you to target and tailor your approach for the different media channels.

One thing that my clients like me to do…and it is a bit unusual….is to incorporate a spiritual element to our work….sort of like using the law of attraction to magnetise your perfect clients and ambassadors energetically….you might like this because it works like magic and it requires you to tune in to your intuition.  I find that people who use their intuition to decide when to approach journalists and editors have much more magical results than people who just make lists and contact everyone on them.

Little girl meditating

When I am pitching stories, I tune in to the editors and see who is ready and willing to work with me, and you can do the same!


For people who are nervous about appearing on national radio and telly I can come and hold their hands and use my yoga and Reiki training to help them to relax on the day.poshandbecks.jpeg

I work by initially scheduling a choice of three or five sessions, depending on how much time people need, how many clients they are looking to attract and also how many people they can actually cope with.  You may not want to be flooded with enquiries, if you are not prepared!wet_glastonburyI like to schedule a free consultation to find out if we are the right fit, and to see if we will work well together.

donleavyCall or email me for more info!

(353) 86 8552267


Author: Victoria Mary Clarke - Media Coach

I am a holistic Media Coach, helping passionate, heart centred entrepreneurs who genuinely want to make the world a happier place by sharing their work with the world. I have been a journalist/author/broadcaster for over 20 years and I use a unique mixture of Angel channelled guidance and energy work, presentation/voice coaching, Life Coaching and practical advice to get you out there with clarity, confidence and charisma!

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