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Having enjoyed more than 20 years writing for magazines and newspapers all over the world, as well as presenting a radio show, and having been interviewed many times for telly/radio/print/films etc I have gathered a treasure trove of knowledge and experience to help other people get media savvy, and get the word out about what it is that they have to offer the world.  And now here it all is, in my brand new ‘Get Mega Media Savvy’ course!  (ps in case you are wondering, that is Anna Wintour smiling in the pic.  I like to think that she would approve!!!)

The course is designed to:

  • Identify what exactly you are offering to the world, what is unique about you – What is your story?
  • Decide who your potential clients are.
  • Most importantly, identifying which media channels you should use to reach potential clients.
  • Prepare you to deliver your message as clearly, confidently, and with as much charisma as you possibly can.
  • Get you connecting with, and pitching yourself to the relevant channels – in the most effective way for you.
  • Get you excited, relaxed, and magnetic towards your clients as you continue to publicise yourself and your business.
  • Keep you motivated as you pitch and present yourself – giving you ways to maintain equilibrium and persevere with patience!


How does it work?

The course is divided into 6 sessions. Each session is 90 minutes long.


Session 1 You and your story.
Session 2 Your audience and their media.
Session 3 Presentation and preparation.
Session 4 Rapport building, magnetising with guided meditations and using your intuition.
Session 5 Pitching, perseverance, patience and maintaining equilibrium.
Session 6 Follow up.   Building on your learning to propel you to media mega-stardom.



Session 1 – You and Your Story

In the first session we delve into your story.

  • What are you offering?
  • What is your background?
  • What makes you different/unique/special?
  • What is important to you?
  • What strengths have you got that will support you in this adventure?
  • What might get in your way?
  • What strategies can we put in place now that can help you to have the most fun and be the most effective that you can be?
  • What media channels are you familiar with?
  • What media channels do you enjoy?
  • What beliefs do you have about the media/about promoting yourself that might help/hinder your progress?


Having trained as a life coach, as well as having spent 23 years interviewing people for the likes of radio/magazines/newspapers/live events/books/etc I use my experience to help you to identify what aspects of your story are ‘media magic’, and which bits to leave out. I will clarify and shed light on what aspects of your business bits that light your fire – what gets you feeling passionate, motivated, and excited…all the better to be magnetic in the media!


Session 2 – Your Audience and Their Media

This session is all about your customers.

  • Who are they?
  • What are they into?
  • What media are they consuming?
  • What is important to them?
  • What is it about you that they need and want?
  • What ‘language’ do they speak?
  • What is the best way to reach them?


You will start laying the groundwork for your pitch in this session by looking at what kind of media channels your audience is into. We determine how you and your story can fit with what they like.

You will be required to start gathering information here! Now you need to start exploring social media sites/newspapers/blogs/magazines, listening to radio/podcasts/watching programmes/YouTube channels/ any and every media channel that your clients would be into.

Session 3 – Presentation and Preparation

In this session we begin to work on how you come across, how you tell your story.

Contrary to popular belief (and having talked to many, many journalists/researchers and presenters). It is NOT necessary to be super slick, to take elocution lessons, or to eliminate verbal/physical ticks in order to be effective in the media! In fact, as humans we know INSTINCTIVELY when someone is trying to manipulate us!

What we will work on is being as clear as possible in your communication (perhaps slowing down, speeding up, turning the volume up or down, adding dynamics, pauses, breathing, etc…) We also work on finding what makes you PASSIONATE when you communicate, and what makes you speak from your heart rather than from your head! We prep you for every possible question, so that when the time comes to go on Letterman/Jonathan Ross/Ryan Tubridy, you are ready, willing, and enthusiastic about sharing your message.

I use not only my journalistic training for this session but also my experience as a yoga teacher, Reiki Healer and Public Speaking Coach to get you clear, confident, and charismatic.


Session 4 – Rapport Building

magnetising with guided meditations and using your intuition

In this session we work on connecting with your audience. Because of my many years’ experience working with guided meditations/energy work/channelling, and developing my intuition – I always begin to connect with an audience energetically before I approach them physically.

I use a guided meditation to magnetise those people that I can serve through my work, and to allow them to make an energetic connection with me. I also love to work with developing your intuition so that you have an inner knowing about who to pitch your story to, and when to do it! So far I have found this to be highly effective for both me and all my clients.

In this session we also work on making the initial approach to those people in the media – be they researchers/producers/editors /journalists/bloggers or presenters.

These are people who can help deliver your message. I will show you what has worked for both me and for my clients. We create good relationships, in which people respond warmly to you and want to help you. We work creating rapport with interviewers and audiences, while you are being interviewed, by remembering to include them in the conversation.

Session 5 – 3P’s and Me

Pitching, Perseverance, Patience and Maintaining Equilibrium

This session assesses the best angles for your pitch. We craft the right stories, for the right media channels.

I will encourage you to think outside the box and explore unusual angles or approaches that will appeal to editors/researchers.

Together we will craft your pitch.

When working with the media there can be ups and downs, periods of intense activity, and lots of responses – as well as periods when it feels like nothing is happening, like you are being ignored, so we work on developing and implementing tools and strategies to help you to maintain your equilibrium, and develop patience and perseverance!

Session 6 – The Follow-through

This session is devoted to following up on everything that has been covered so far.

At this stage, you will know what comes easily to you and what you need more help with. This is why I like to leave a lot of room for manoeuvre at this point.

You may have already had some experience of being interviewed and you will want to de-brief, and evaluate your progress.

I will show you the most effective way to examine what you have already done and highlight the elements that work well for you, so that you can harness their power to motivate you for the future. I will show you, too – how to look at those things that you feel did not work so well in a constructive way, so that you can use your learning to propel you to new heights of mega media-stardom!

The course is delivered in person or via Skype

I am offering a FREE 30 minute Media Strategy coaching session to give you some ways to immediately get more media exposure.  Just call me to schedule your session!

Contact me for a chat to see if we can work together!  (353) 86 8552267


Author: Victoria Mary Clarke - Media Coach

I am a holistic Media Coach, helping passionate, heart centred entrepreneurs who genuinely want to make the world a happier place by sharing their work with the world. I have been a journalist/author/broadcaster for over 20 years and I use a unique mixture of Angel channelled guidance and energy work, presentation/voice coaching, Life Coaching and practical advice to get you out there with clarity, confidence and charisma!

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